Social Media Week

Social Media Week

13 Sep 2017 - 15 Sep 2017

THE HALL Senayan City | Jakarta, Indonesia

Social Media Week is a global conference and news platform sharing insights, ideas and trends with the world.

Originated in New York, our conference is hosted in 20+ cities around the world and 2017 is our 3rd year hosting Social Media Week Jakarta.

Social Media Week Jakarta 2017 theme is "Language & Machine: The Future of Communication". We will explore how technology is transforming how we connect and communicate, including a number of critical questions in regards to how language and communication will evolve in the future, how will businesses and organizations connect with customers and community members more effectively if humans were taken out of the equation? You can learn more about the theme here.

Jakarta will be running the SMW alongside London, Miami and Sao Paulo simultaneously from 11 -15 September 2017. 

Social Media Week Jakarta 2017 will be a 3-Day Conference, consisted of 24 sessions with 60+ prominent speakers from industry leaders and experts all around the world.


3-Day Conference with program breakdown as follows :

  • Strategic Track  :  2-Day conference full of insights of the best and newest ways to market your business with social media and technology. Pick up the best-practice and actionable tips to improve your marketing with industry leaders and experts from all around the world.  
    Event Dates : 13 – 14 September 2017 
    Ticket Type : Strategic Track Pass
  • Creative Track : A full day conference dedicated to creative minds, from aspiring bloggers to full-time story-tellers. Expect some behind-the-scenes of successful creative agencies, content creators, and social media experts build and maintain content that is relevant to their audience, as well as distributing and measuring the success of it.
    Event Date : 15 September 2017
    Ticket Type : Creative Track Pass
  • 3-Day Conference : Get the best of both worlds by attending all of Social Media Week session in Strategic Track and Creative Track. Learn the latest marketing tips from industry business leaders as well as inspired by creative minds for content creation & distribution.
    Event Date : 13-15 September 2017
    Ticket Type : All-Access Pass


This year, we have two meet-up stages running simultaneously from 13-15 September, with 12 Community Meet-Up sessions in total per day. Passes available as follows :

  • Meet-Up Daily Pass
    The Daily Pass ticket is valid for one day, which allows you to attend any Community Meet Up session from the 12 sessions available on that day.
  • Meet-up 3-Day Pass
    The 3-Day Pass ticket is valid from 13-15 September, which allows you to attend any of our 36 Community Meet Up sessions available.

*All conference ticket types are valid for all community meet-up sessions.


Our industry doesn’t stop changing, and neither should we as digital marketers, tech enthusiasts, startup founders, and everything in-between. Join the hype and conversation, get your ticket now!



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